Remote simultaneous interpretation for events

Host any international event in any languages in a simple way without the need for booths or receivers, and send the interpretation directly to the audience’s mobile phones.

Online simultaneous interpretation for events

Without interpretation booths

Our fully-online system simplifies and reduces logistics.

Without infrared receivers

Attendees listen to the interpretation directly on their mobile phone.

Without the presence of the interpreter

Interpreters work remotely without having to travel.

The flexibility of our revolutionary remote simultaneous interpretation system allows you to adapt the service to any kind of situation and location to suit your needs.

Now any event can be international.


Online interpretation for meetings

Communicate in any language with the assistance of our professional interpreters from your own mobile or any other device. Avoid interpreters’ travel expenses and knock down the language barrier.

Face-to-face conversations

An interpreter is incorporated into any conversation or meeting via speakerphone from your mobile phone and your internet connection.

Conversations via video-conferencing

Attend your meetings remotely in any language with the participation of a professional interpreter through our video-conferencing web platform.


Why The Global Password?

Specialised professional translators

Quality guaranteed thanks to the rigorous selection of the professional translators and interpreters on our international network.

Optimise your resources

Save time and costs and simplify logistics with our cutting-edge online interpretation and translation technology.

Always accessible

Services available 24/7 in any place, situation and device from our website or mobile app.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

Request and get information on the status of all your orders from our platform quickly and easily.

They trust us

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