At The Global Password, we offer interpretation services as you have never seen them before. Get the assistance of one of our remote professional interpreters from any device, both face-to-face and via video-conference meetings and conversations. We guarantee the highest quality interpretation anytime, anywhere, with our real-time communication technology, which also avoids interpreters’ traveling costs.

Face-to-face conversations

An interpreter is incorporated into any conversation or meeting via speakerphone from your mobile phone and your internet connection.


Attend your meetings remotely in any language with the participation of a professional interpreter through our video-conferencing web platform.



Simple and intuitive access from a browser or mobile application.

High quality.

Experienced specialised professional translators.


Direct and automatic connection with the interpreter.


Rate per minute, without the added expenses for travelling and per diems.


Access from anywhere with a device connected to the Internet.


Adaptable to the requirements of each customer and each need.


Face-to-face conversations

Carry an interpreter in your pocket. With our app and hands-free on your mobile device, you can virtually incorporate the professional translator to interpret in real time any conversation or meeting in another language.

1 Planning

Select the languages, and save the date for the conversation or meeting.

2 Call

Press the call button and you will be connect directly with your interpreter.

3 Interpretation

The interpreter listens and translates your conversation from the microphone and speaker.



With The Global Password, you can set up online international meetings regardless of the participants’ language. Our system allows you to make video calls directly from the platform, without having to install any software, and the interpreter will automatically join to interpret your conversation.

1 Planning

Select the languages, and save the date for the conversation or meeting.

2 Invitations

Enter your contacts’ email addresses to invite them to the meeting.

3 Video-conferencing

Start the video-conference with a single click.

4 Interpretation

The interpreter joins automatically and translates the meeting in real time.