Interpretation for events

Our revolutionary remote simultaneous interpretation system allows you to organise international events in a much simpler way, eliminating complications related to equipment, booths and added expenses. Thanks to our innovative real time communication technology, viewers can hear the interpretation from their mobile phone while maintaining the highest quality of service, and the interpreters can work from anywhere, without having to travel to the event, conference or training course.

The system’s flexibility means the service can be adapted to any kind of situation and location to suit your needs. Now any event can be international.

How does it work?

1. Through the event’s audio and video system, or even from a laptop or tablet, our platform broadcasts the event in real-time to the interpreter.

2. The interpreter receives the event broadcast in their own work space and sends high-quality simultaneous interpretation to those attending the event.

3. Viewers directly and instantly receive the interpretation on their mobile phones in high quality thanks to our app.



At The Global Password, we have developed this system for simultaneous interpretation in order to optimise all your resources to organise international events unlimited by language, in a very easy-to-use and competitive manner.

Cut out expenses

Save on booth assembly and receiver rental costs, as well as travel and per diems for interpreters needed at events, conferences, training courses and any kind of international conferences.

Facilitating organisation

Eliminate all logistics and installation difficulties. Not needing any booths and specialised equipment makes any room suitable for any kind of event or multilingual conference.

Flexible budget

Pay-per-minute interpretation makes even shorter events feasible, thanks to the savings on interpretation booths, as well as per diems and travel expenses for the interpreter.


Our interpretation system reduces the carbon footprint of your events by avoiding the interpreters having to travel.

Innovative image

The use of our platform for online translation and simultaneous interpretation projects an image of innovation and modernity for your business to attendees, by making use of a system at the forefront of the latest technologies.

Easy to use

To listen to the simultaneous interpretation, you simply need to use our app, which is very easy to use and intuitive, as well as a headset. In addition, mobile data consumption and battery use are minimal.

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